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UAHouseMan commented about Century DOCO & XD on Jan 24, 2009 at 5:09 pm

This theatre was constructed in 1994 and was originally occupied by United Artists. It was constructed as the entire Downtown Plaza was being built. There were three screens on the upper level, with #3 holding 591 seats and featuring THX certification. The lower level had four smaller screens and it’s own concession stand.
In 1995, the theatre experimented with an interactive movie called “Mr. Payback.” Sadly, interactive movies did not catch on.

UAHouseMan commented about UA Del Amo 6 on Jan 24, 2009 at 5:04 pm

Hello all. Had to post comments on this after finally finding this web-site. I worked at the UA Del Amo from June 1989, and eventually left United Artisits in November of 1996. I didn’t spend all of my time at Del Amo, but those were some of my favorite memories. I started out on the Karate Kid III opening weekend. I was there for the shooting in 1991, as well as the car that crashed through #3s exit door during a showing of Terminator 2. And I was there for the LA riots in 1992 (I could see smoke from the top of the theatre). I left Del Amo prior to it’s conversion to a discount theatre, and am sad to see that it no longer exists.
I had the pleasure of working for Dan Barron, and became a close friend of his until his death in 2002.
I’d love to find anyone that worked for him to try and reconnect with old memories. I have plenty of them, and their all worth sharing.