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VacantLots commented about Arion Theatre on Sep 15, 2013 at 1:16 pm

To tommacny,

Sir, you’re the best! I’ve waited for years to both find a place/person where I can ask the question and then also get an answer. Thanks to you, yet another lost puzzle piece of my life has been found. :–)

Thanks for the info on the upper level. I’m not surprised that I got it wrong. Memories start to fade and/or blur together. I know now that I was confusing the Arion with the movie house on Queens Blvd. where they used to show the movie, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” at midnight. Am I remembering that correctly or was that still another theater? The layout I’m thinking of had bathrooms and the projection booth on the upper level.

As far as the gent with the speech impediment goes, I remember a fella taking tickets and giving the patron back a stub while Ms. Zakar sold the tickets in the booth. I don’t know if that was the same man.

BTW, I’m sorry it took me this long to get back to this site.

Thanks again for the info.

Best regards,

VacantLots commented about Arion Theatre on Jun 4, 2011 at 12:10 am

I remember the Arion with great affection, and I’m glad to see so many have equally-fond memories. I remember being a kid and seeing movies like “Tales From The Crypt”, “Night of the Living Dead” (orig. B&W – 1968 ?), “The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight”, “Oliver”, heck, even “The Sound of Music”.

I remember being told by my parents to buy candy outside because it was a better value, but Milk Duds and other stuff just wasn’t the same unless you got it in those large “movie house boxes.” I remember going up to the counter and being served by a woman with short blond hair. She was also the ticket seller before the movie started. Everybody that I talk to about the Arion remembers her but can never tell me her name or if she even lived in Middle Village. She’s sort of a part of history without a name. Can anyone help me out with this?

Talking about the candy counter, the popcorn in those huge tubs was also something that a lot of us looked forward to on a Saturday afternoon.

Another part of the Arion that I remember was the upper level. I’m a little fuzzy on this one so jump right in and set me straight. You walked past the candy counter (screen and seating on your right) and went toward a staircase and then walked left and up the stairs. Upstairs was the projection room and the bathrooms. Am I on-track here or am I in another theater? If anyone can fill in details, that would be great.

I’ve rambled on long enough, but I have one last thing to add: I remember being told that there was an apartment above the theater. I was told it was accessed by opening the door that was used to access the back of the movie-poster displays (the door fronted the street (Metro.)). Any truth to this, or was this just another way of pulling the wool over the eyes of a naive kid? LOL