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vic1971 commented about Golden Gate Theatre on Nov 9, 2004 at 3:49 pm

my mother and my younger brother would walk from broklyn down to whitier blvd for saturday shopping. I vividly remember the Buster Brown shoe store because that was where mom had to buy our shoes for some reason, but my favorate always was the sidewalk preacher on the corner preaching the coming of christ at the top of his lungs. I remember seeing a promotional poster of The Exorsist which for some strange reason explained the preacher on the corner. My favorate weekend was 1977 when I finally nagged my mother enough to take us to see Star Wars. Im thirty 33 years old now and live in Lebanon tn. I often drive down through the square of historic Lebanon Tn where there on the corner is an old theater rundown and waiting for somebody to resurect a bit of the past. Im told somebody is leasing this theater for a posible restoration which is a wonderful thing. Its a shame sombody didnt restore The Golden gate theater, this theater takes me back to Blvd nights, crusing, Suspiria, and not too long ago Victory Chapel church. Which brings me back to that street corner preacher, preaching hope when it seemed there was none.