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walter235oak commented about Fox Oakland Theater on Mar 7, 2007 at 2:33 pm

As a life long resident of Oakland, I often saw the Fox Oakland as a forgotten and neglected piece of theater architecture that demanded to be reborn. During the 60’s and forward, I never considered the Fox to be what it was in its early days. Although I never went inside the Fox, I often thought that it must indeed been a sight to behold. When I first saw the inside, it was via the Internet and I was not disappointed at what I saw. The stage and auditorium are magnificantly grand. I also appreciate the history of the Fox Oakland during a time of, sad to say, discrimination in which minorities were not welcomed at other movie palaces. Yet, the Fox Oakland indeed had a no discrimination policy. Therefore, I think people of all races should take part in the restoration and future life of the Fox Oakland Theater. Also, the Paramount, which is I believe a triumph of art deco architecture, second to none outside of Egypt would give Oakland the tourst attraction appeal that it deserves. Lastly, I often wondered what was the reason for demolishing the Fox San Francisco. I saw pictures of it and it was absolutely awsome.

walter235oak commented about Fairfax Theatre on Mar 6, 2007 at 3:43 pm

My name is Walter and as a child I lived on Fairfax Ave. back in the early 60’s. I attended the elementary school around the corner from the Fairfax Theater known as Hoarce Mann. Anyway, as a child I remember every Saturday my mother would take my sister and I to the Fairfax for the matinee. I remember the fare was 35 cents for children and a bucket of buttered popcorn was about 20 cents. In those days, we saw two movies and cartoons. I also remember the original and newly released Beatle and 007 movies, and how we children went wild in the audiance as was the common way of reacting to the Beatles and 007 even on the movie screen. They were popular back in the early 60’s and how the Fairfax was a main attraction with many people from the surrounding areas giving it lots of business. The area’s neighborhoods were also very nice middle class environments back in those days. I also remember the aroma of those revolving hot dogs and the classic candies that were sold then. I indeed cherish those days as a kid. I am glad the Fairfax still stands although in a different capacity. Many memorable movie theaters have been torn down such as the Broadway, Lux and Roxie of which I also remember. It is nice to know that part of Oakland’s history and my childhood has been preserved. I am totally impressed with the current images of the Fairfax.