Pantages Theater To Reopen In 2004?

posted by Patrick Crowley on September 8, 2003 at 8:07 am

VANCOUVER, CANADA — Sean Jung writes in with an update on Vancouver’s Pantages Theater:

Today, the Pantages Theater at 144 East Hastings Street in Vancouver lies surrounding by urban blight. Its neighbors are drug addicts, derelicts and homeless citizens.

But the area known as Downtown Eastside was once the entertainment and business core of Vancouver. Many vaudeville theaters were built here which included the Imperial, Avenue, Savoy, the majestic Rex and the opulent Beacon Theater (which was the 2nd Pantages Theater built here).

Last used as a chinese language cinema, it has been dark since 1994. Although the facade has lost much of its original appeal, the interior remains largely intact. Original wood flooring, fixture, ceiling are all still there. There is a renewed effort to resurrect the theater and restore it in hopes that it will also revitalize the area. Much of the area retains many of its historic structures including the beautiful Carnegie Library, the Bank of Montreal and Royal Bank buildings and the Ford Building.

Much red tape holds back its redevelopment but conservationist hope to reopen this grand theater in 2004.

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