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posted by williamb11 on November 5, 2004 at 6:08 am


I am trying to find someone to provide me with some guidance regarding a business plan that I am writing for a movie theater start-up in New England.

Some of my questions include 1.) What are studio distribution prices/packages for old films and new films?; 2.) Is there a rule-of-thumb on theater size and screen size?; 3.) What does equipment, new or used, cost?

Please email me or post any advice you might have. You can’t imagine how helpful you will be to me.


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David Wodeyla
David Wodeyla on November 6, 2004 at 5:23 am

You might start at the Boston Public Library and check architectural publications. There are also technical publications with information on equipment, as well as design. The telephone book will give you the contact information for Boston Light and Sound, as well as RCA, for technical requirements. The telephone book will also list independent film bookers who can give you information on film cost as well as their percentage. This would come under the heading of “Film”.
If you check this web site, there was a lengthy explanation on the subject of theatre startups just a couple of months ago. It’s an interesting topic with lots of things to consider.
Best of luck on your thesis.

JimRankin on November 8, 2004 at 6:09 am

While CT deals primarily with theatres, these sites deal more with the business and technology of film exhibition: and Both are large sites with archives, so you will have to do a good deal of reading to find all the nugets of information burried therein.

rroberts on November 9, 2004 at 4:35 pm

We can help you, WB11. E-mail us.

FoxFan on November 21, 2004 at 5:24 pm

Call Tankersley Enterprises – they can guide you through all the set up costs of equipment – etc.
It’s a fantastic business! I am a national film buyer and would
love to talk to you on the phone. Email me sometime soon!

pprabhu on November 23, 2004 at 8:14 pm


Were you able to get all the information you were looking for? I am studying MBA and my marketing project is to write a business plan for Movie theatre? Will you be able to share some information.

I would really appreciate it..


JimRankin on November 23, 2004 at 9:11 pm

Neither Jeffrey nor PP1 give any way to contact them, and unless one registers on their Members' page under CONTACT, merely clicking on one’s name will do not good. You must give a contact means either there or in the message itself, folks.

rroberts on November 24, 2004 at 8:13 am

Call us, Jim. (630) 221-0667. We operate real theatres with programming for any market. Check out This is our latest venture. Paul Warshauer.

Jacker on December 18, 2004 at 8:08 pm

What part of new England are you looking at.

Jacker on December 18, 2004 at 8:10 pm

e-mail me WB11 and I will send you some sample business plans, that may be able to help you and you coudl fill in the blanks!

rroberts on December 19, 2004 at 11:31 am

With great respect, Jacker is wrong. It is not about the business plan at all. It is about creative finance, arts management, public support, and good old fashioned deal making. There is no such thing as a “fill in the blank” deal when it comes to any theatre. (630) 221-0667.

ghostdancer on December 31, 2004 at 5:48 am

WB11, What kind of theatre are you interested in?
I worked as a projectionist/asst. manager of an original single screen theatre and Vaudeville house in New England, and if any of my experience is helpful to you, you are welcome to it. I like seeing small theatres thrive.

My experience was with inspection and projection of 35 millimeter films on a 1938 carbon-arc dual-projector system, theatre prep, live show planning, promotion and production (more of that with my present line of work) marquee and ads, box office, concession, soda fountain, maintenance, personnel and daily accounting. I did not have experience with bidding, as we were second/sub run during my time there, and I did not do the booking or the ‘books’. My heart and soul is in live performance and production, and I am an excellent editor/adcopy writer. I would love to know that my education there could be used somewhere else, since such arts are nearing extinction. Feel free to contact me at

rroberts on December 31, 2004 at 8:56 am

Dear X: Your knowledge and passion would be appreciated by many but I am particularly interested in exploring your interests with vaudeville. Feel free to contact me: Paul W. at the Wheaton Grand Theatre, Wheaton, IL. Paul (630) 221-0667. check out our website

IndieOwnerWannabe on January 30, 2005 at 10:35 pm

Help, help, HELP!!! I dream of operating an arthouse movie theater and cafe in a suburb of the Twin Cities. Any advice or guidance would be appreciated. I’m putting together a business plan and may have found some financial backers.



P.S. Email is Don’t abuse it!!!

ribhu on February 6, 2005 at 1:36 pm

India and Brazil cinema have come a long way in converting to digital, in fact in India distributors are taking the lead to help finance the conversion. Estimated 42% revenue leakage due to piracy and a vast geographical spread are driving the business case for digital adoption in India. Non-metropolitan areas containing more than 60% of the population are served by B-grade movie theatres that receive second-run prints usually six weeks after initial release. As a result all new movies from Bollywood are converted to digital format by the distributors and downloaded to e-cinema theatres around the globe! I am working on a business case to establish an e-cinema multiplex in Canada to screen Bollywood movies and to promote small budget Canadian and international films. I am convinced there is a strong business case, but since I’ve never been exposed to the theatre business I do not understand the costs and revenue structure. If any of you folks managed to put together a business case would really appreciate it you could share it with me. Thanks so much!

rroberts on February 7, 2005 at 5:40 am

Ribz: Our company might be interested. We see the future in digital cinema as well. Paul (630) 221-0667

AlphaLima on February 17, 2006 at 6:28 pm

Im trying to start up a 2nd run digital theatre here in my city. Two screen – each seating about 100 each. What are the costs for DLP Projectors? server? screen? and satellite dish? Are there broker fees? Distribution fees?? Movie rental fees? What is the preferred DLP projector for this size venture? Thanks..

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