Wheaton Grand Signs Management Contract

posted by rroberts on December 10, 2004 at 5:32 am

WHEATON, IL — The Grand Theatre Corp. (a not for profit) has signed a one year management deal with Grande Venues, Inc. (a for profit corporation) to operate the Wheaton Grand Theatre. The theatre is currently divided in three: two movie theatres and a large concert venue featuring the well preserved proscenium arch and the lighted dome.

Plans are now under consideration to keep the present configuration allowing greater access to the public for smaller performances, conferences, and movie festivals while keeping the architectural elements unique to the building.

Paul Warshauer and Mike Novelli, the principals of Grande Venues, have already commenced an aggressive programming schedule including rock concerts, murder mysteries, a lecture series, benefits for victims in Iraq, film and television production classes, and special events including a “Somewhere in Time” weekend in February and a Peter Pan Festival slated for April.

See the website for more details www.wheatongrand.net.

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Patsy on March 28, 2005 at 3:14 pm

Was your “Somewhere in Time” weekend in February connected with the famous movie staring Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymour?

rroberts on March 29, 2005 at 8:04 am

Yes. We will run it again in June… www.wheatongrand.net

lklein on April 14, 2005 at 11:20 am

Paul Warshauer is a liar and a thief. He stole childhood pictures of mine and refuses to return them. Anyone doing business with Paul Warshauer should heed this warning.

rroberts on April 16, 2005 at 2:43 pm

Mr. Klein is delsusional. He loaned photos to a camp reunion group. They lost them not me. Thsi does not belong on CT anyway.

lklein on May 9, 2005 at 12:07 pm

First of all, you have to worry about doing business with a moron who doesn’t know how to spell delusional. As I mentioned before, Paul Warshauer is a known liar and a thief and the facts speak for themselves. Fact; he was kicked out of the Uptown Theater Group. Fact; he was sued by the Annoyance Theater Group and lost (he still owes them money). Fact, he was recently kicked out of the Wheaton Grand Theater. It got so bad they had to change the locks to keep him out. And yes, Paul Warshauer stole child hood pictures of mine. He was supposed to put them on a camp website. That was over 2 years ago and they still haven’t shown up. It makes you wonder what an obese, 50 year old man who lives alone is doing with pictures of 10 year old boys. I hate to think about it but can only imagine the worst. If you want to know more facts about Paul Warshauer, please feel free to contact me at 312-787-6644. Thank you.

rroberts on May 10, 2005 at 8:37 am

Again…look at this man’s attempt to smear someone who tried to help a loser like him. Apples and oranges? His information is incorrect about the Wheaton but that is just a smoke screen for this sad little man. We ARE trying for find the photos. That is the end of us trying to do a good deed. A small committee of former staff and campers attempted to put together a memory book for other staff, parents and campers. What kind of pervert makes such accusations on this site? It is inappropriate and if he has an issue let him deal with it away from Cinema Treasures.

paulroyal on May 10, 2005 at 6:38 pm

Not wanting to intrude on this disagreement, but can I ask why l.klein felt it necessary to post a message on my request for help when it is quite obvious that I am not Paul Warshauer?


rroberts on May 11, 2005 at 6:17 am

Thank you. I agree. He is a troubled man. This place is for Cinema Treasures not “axes to grind.” Lord knows we ALL have issues with others. Let’s not use this place to do so.

tinamaraccini on May 18, 2005 at 10:18 am

Do you have the date yet as to when “Somewhere in Time” will be showing? I’m anxious for it!

rroberts on May 19, 2005 at 2:37 pm

“Somewhere at Time” will probably show at another theatre. GVI will not do business with the current board at the Wheaton Grand Theatre. They have no vision for what a “theatre” should be. Check at the Arcada Theatre in a few weeks or call us at (630) 480-3345

FreeBird on December 26, 2005 at 1:25 pm

In my dealings with Paul Warshauer, he has always paid upfront, in advance, or right on time. I’ve been working with him for several years now and find these accusations malicious and untrue. These slanderous articles are absolute nonsense and I am aghast that such accusations are given large headlines, while the real truth, which clearly finds Paul Warshauer innocent of any and all wrong-doing, is left to the wind. Paul has been very generous with his time, his knowledge and his spirit. There are lots of people in show business, and in the world, who would take advantage of a situation crafted and created by the hard work of Paul Warshauer and his partners. Paul Warshauer’s mind is gold to anyone interested in restoring an old theater. Why tackle a project as massive as theater restoration when you can hire an expert like Paul Warshauer and Grande Venues, Inc.?

Talk is cheap; and obviously with Paul Warshauer the proof is in the pudding: he has the initiative and the know-how to get these projects off the shelves and into people’s minds and activities—-if you think there is any merit to these allegations against him, then still you must admit that he is obviously doing something right when these restoration projects gain enough momentum to have to stop. You don’t ever hear about the successful projects. Paul doesn’t really need to brag about his success. No, you don’t hear of the successes. What you hear is shady journalism with prejudiced tones.

Brenda Bowen of PJStar.com should be fired from her job for severely lacking journalistic integrity and sued for defamation of character in the public forum. Of all people, our journalists need to adhere to strict, objective positions. An article written by Ms. Bowen written on June 30, 2005 surrounding the business dealings of Mr. Warshauer, nevermind that she failed to publish the complete story, included statements that, although they were incomplete and misleading, served a purpose of a supporting a predetermined objective which in this case slanders the character of Mr. Paul Warshauer.

Nevermind that it was clearly a very simple, meniacal and hurtful attempt at writing an article to slander Paul Warshauer and a blatant disregard the journalistic integrity some journalists dedicate their lives to. Nevermind that she mentioned nothing about the actions of the other parties involved in these lawsuits which may have brought them to be, or that she used text to take deals that never closed and turn them into an examination of Mr. Warshauer’s character.

Nevermind that to Ms. Bowen it’s may just be a simple little article and maybe even a favor for a friend, or a “great scoop,” one of those “journalistic gems” that come around once in a lifetime to uncover a bad guy and expose his crimes to the world, protecting others from their predatory business practices. To Ms. Bowen it might have even been her little “Havana Watergate.” Nevermind that she’s probably forgotten about writing that “simple little article.” Ms. Bowen might make a paycheck by writing these little articles, some people can go hungry because of them, even though I know Paul Warshauer would never let himself go without shelter or food, no matter who tries to stop him.

Although Ms. Bowens has the enormous responsibility of upholding the public trust, she seems to carelessly abuse her power to write a dramatic story. She seems to abuse that microphone to the world habitually, in an off-the-cuff manner, for her own personal gain. Nevermind that while for Ms. Bowen her desire to have a little “Havana Watergate” sacrifices the very way in which Paul Warshauer MAKES A LIVING. The objective is simple: BLAME PAUL WARSHAUER. It seems that if Ms. Bowen is so ready to sacrifice someone else’s integrity for a step up the journalistic ladder, then she is an example of everything that is wrong with America. What’s next for Ms. Bowen?

Facts are one thing, Ms. Bowen; manipulating text to degrade a human being and endanger his business is a violation of the highest degree of journalistic integrity and should be dealt with. Maybe she should slander the town mayor; then she would certainly feel the repercussions of her actions. She uses her pen quite readily to slash at Mr. Warshauer, but hardly to defend his character.

Even when Ms. Bowen quotes Mr. Warshauer, she manages to skew the text to raise doubt about the integrity of Mr. Warshauer’s character. She certainly never uses her pen to show how capable he really is of doing a restoration. She didn’t publish anything about restoring the theater in Havana, or what would be done with it, or materials the theater in Havana needed once the project was up and running, who knows if she even bothered to ask! That’s because the article focused on raising doubt upon the character and integrity of Paul Warshauer, blaming him as a reason for the failure of the project. When you start with that objective, you create an article like hers.

There is no question she did not publish the full story, whether intentionally or unintentionally, and in fact she published statements that do nothing but raise doubts about the integrity of Paul Warshauer. It appears the project did not move forward at that time because of a lack of resources. In this article did she once openly and directly address that the missing factor in this equation was money and collateral? No.

She let’s that detail come through in two or three brief quotes and then spins them to raise doubts about the integrity of Paul Warshauer’s character. Did she ask him about what it takes to restore a theater? She certainly didn’t publish anything to that regard. Does she, for instance, even know that the people on the board at the Uptown who will not give their names, who likely would be sued, also probably tried to salvage their own personal reputation by not giving their name? She quotes people in the article, who were simply taking paychecks from the non-profit company without producing results, and turns THEIR quote around to raise suspicion of Paul Warshauer.

Did she know how delinquent the board members were, one of whom she quoted? Did she question their dedication to the project? Did she know they were essentially a sitting duck board? That they were behaving as if being paid were their sole responsibility as leaders of its board, unaware of what it really means for a human being to be PRODUCTIVE with a goal of ACCOMPLISHING THE MISSION or ESTABLISHED OBJECTIVES of the company. Because if they were aware of it and were capable of doing it then they would have. But they didn’t do anything until Paul came around, and when the deal started getting serious that balked. Now they blame Paul. And Ms. Bowen, unfortunately, did not seem to question or produce results or mention she was working hard to get the real truth. And, unfortunately, she did not have the gumption to realize that she violated journalistic integrity by slandering Paul Warshauer so one-sidedly.

Maybe it was personal. Maybe she didn’t like his cologne, or his choice of entree. I don’t know if they’ve ever dined together or even met in person, but an article like the one published on June 30, 2005 shows that with journalists like Ms. Bowen writing articles, the American public is in trouble. We are vulnerable to the agenda of the individual journalist, whose mighty pens wreak havoc, lest we bow to them. Why would Ms. Bowen publish an article that so eloquently indirectly focuses on Mr. Warshauer’s former business dealings?

If we can’t trust our journalists for straight-forward, honest reporting about the news in the world around us, who can we look to? Ms. Bowen simply degraded the character of Paul Warshauer and apparently believes he is a problem. Paul Warshauer, currently with Grande Venues, Inc., is one of the MOST productive persons I know, and he is punished over and over again for his productivity by those people who cannot or do not understand or appreciate hard work, or journalists with an agenda. Paul is the quintessential catalyst for getting theater restoration projects DONE. He is a single mind that knows all of the pieces of the theater restoration puzzle and how to put them together RIGHT. Ms. Bowen tried to hurt Mr. Warshauer right where it counts: his trade.

Ms. Bowen should be fired, fined, sued or all of the above. In business, sometimes deals don’t come together. When the table falls, especially when politics are involved, damaged expectations almost REQUIRE finger pointing and a blame game, so as to save face. Everyone knows that when something doesn’t work you have to tie loose ends off, and in business many times it ends up in court. If the theater restoration is the talk of the town, and suddenly it doesn’t work, city leaders have to face angry townspeople and a PR campaign including Ms. Bowens is a sure-fire way for the city of Havana to place blame and move on, and hopefully win re-election.

And all the deal really needed was capital. All you have to say is that the money wasn’t there. People understand this basic fact: Sometimes the money isn’t there. Instead, they choose to place blame to protect themselves in a matter that really merits the city’s leaders and journalists coming together with a “can do” attitude. They needed to help create something like and spread the word about the biggest bake sale in the city’s history in the city park, to raise money to begin the theater’s restoration. The town would really come together, organize and create unique foods, manage the baked good production(can’t have everyone selling chocolate chip cookies.) Everyone donates to a good cause, and has an afternoon as a real community. Instead, Ms. Bowen veritably points her finger and sticks out her tongue.

You can’t make an omelette without eggs. You can’t make an old theater young again without capital. You need more capital for some things than others. Ms. Bowen published statements about the Havana theater followed by statements about the business the city was dealing with, or Grande Venues, Inc. and Paul Warshauer. Did she publish anything about the city? Did she research other projects the CITY has or hasn’t been able to put together? No. She blamed the other guy. All that the Havana theater deal needed was capital, and Ms. Bowen chose to use the piece to focus on slandering a man’s character.

The deal just needed capital. A little capital means architects, plans, permits, assessments and the opportunity to attract more capital. A lot of capital means renovations, buying supplies, cleaning crews, installation crews(electrical, heat, water, etc…) More capital means getting the theater running; passing municipal inspections and promoting operations. Paul knows what the standard need of any theater restoration is, and digs down to see what the specific theater really needs, from the community and from construction teams. Paul’s value is his mind. He’s also pretty funny and would rather enjoy his time than not enjoy it.

Paul Warshauer has more experience and know-how in the theater restoration business than 90% of the population and if you don’t believe me, talk to him for 30 minutes about some of his projects and what his ideas for restoration were, or propose a new project to him. After 30 minutes, although you’ll know right away, you’ll see his mind is like a computer, programmed for theater restoration, or whatever task he puts his mind to.

He knows, at any point during the theater restoration process, the 5W’s, something anyone in a leadership position can tell you is essential SOMEWHERE in the chain of production to create results. He knows What has to be done, Where it has to be done, Who has to do it, When it has to be done in relation to other steps of the restoration, and then finally not just Why it has to be done but How it can be done. Journalists like Ms. Bowen need to find a new line of work. If she tries theater restoration, she’d have a great teacher in Paul Warshauer. But maybe she should work on her journalistic integrity first.

Old theaters need more than age to be beautiful again; they need a mind like Paul Warshauer’s. They need the right plan and the right guy to put the project together and make it happen. Paul is very capable and very sensible. With the right resources, you’ll realize that one of the most important jewels in restoring old theatrical treasures is HIM. It’s time people stop blaming him and let him do his job.

FreeBird on December 26, 2005 at 1:39 pm

Here is a link to the scandalous article written by Ms. Brenda Bowen and published June 30, 2005, and mentioned above. It’s available on the Annoyance Theater website, another company who has really lived up to their name, “Annoyance” in going out of there way to hurt Mr. Warshauer. Better click it soon before Annoyance strikes again! and annoys with changing the URL.


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