Raymond Theatre Seeks Supporters to Attend Hearing

posted by Patrick Crowley on May 14, 2004 at 5:18 am

PASADENA, CA — Gina Zamparelli sent us the latest alert from the Raymond Theatre

“Dear Friends of the Raymond Theatre:

As most of you know, we have a very important City Council hearing for the Raymond Theatre this Monday, May 17th. We are expecting large crowds, celebrities, and the media. The decisions made at this hearing will chance the course of this project. We cannot express how important is that everyone who supports preservation of the Raymond Theatre attend this hearing.


As most of you know, the developers submitted their project to Design Review and after two hearings, the Design Commissioners found the project inconsistent with the City Councils original approvals. Furthermore, many i mportant Conditions of Approval have not been met, Mitigation Measures, Findings of Fact and the revised project opens up new environmental issues and illegally subdivides the property. It does not meet Citywide Design Principles in the General Plan, the Design Guidelines for the Central District Specific Plan, the Purposes of Design Review in the Municipal Code, the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation & Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Buildi ngs.

The City staff report went online today. The staff report states the project is CONSISTENT with the Conditions of Approval and all the plans and guidelines mentioned above. It states the proposed skylights cut into the roof of the Raymond do not bring about new environmental issues and subdivision is not even mentioned. It also overlooks 39 issues the Design Commission found pertaining to this project.

Pasadena Heritage has chosen to sign off on the facade and open space easement to allow redevelopment of the theatre during 50% review, which is the next step in the process.

Many of you may recall… This project was originally denied by the Design Commission, Historic Preservation Commission, Zoning Hearing Officer and Board of Zoning Appeals and was given approval by City Council in 2001. Once again, the Design Commission found the project inconsistent and the City Staff Report is stating is consistent. Find a pattern here?

The Raymond Theatre Staff Report is online at:


Is it very important is that ALL our supporters attend this hearing. Just a couple hours of your time will make a huge difference to the future of the theatre. Please bring as many friends as you can! We want to make sure we s how the City Council just how much support there is for the Raymond Theatre.


Last call for speakers for the hearing! If you would like to help, e-mail us at before Saturday! All speakers must fill out speaker cards to be allowed to speak at the hearing.


Please write the Mayor and City Council and state the following.

“PLEASE SUBMIT THIS LETTER TO THE OFFICIAL RECORD FOR THE RAYMOND THEATRE. The revised project is inconsistent with original approvals. Zoning Administrator Denver Miller has stated for the record, the developer has not complied with the Item #10 of the Conditions of Approval which states the retained area of the theatre will be legitimately marketed for sale for four months. Please make sure that this Condition of Approval is met before allowing the project to move forth”

Feel free to add your own wording to your letters and send us a blind copy.


City Council


As many of you know, we have many wonderful celebrities who support the Raymond Theatre cause. The Raymond was formerly (1979-1991) one of LA’s top concert venues. The band that played the Raymond more times than anyone was Oingo Boingo. Some of the former members will be attending Monday’s hearing and will be available for interview by media at 7:30. We thank former members of Oin go Boingo for their continued support.


We want to thank the Raymond Theatre Committee who literally work around the clock to help keep this project moving forward. Managing this project would not be possible without the dedication of our hard working committee.

We also thank Hollywood Heritage who officially joined our project this year. Their daily help and support has been invaluable. We also thank them for coming out in force to this hearing (www.hollywoodheritage.org).


Conceptual Design Review and Consistency hearing for the Raymond Theatre:

DATE: MAY 17, 2004
TIME: 6:30 PM

(Once inside the rotunda at City Hall, you will see elevators to your left. Take the elevator to the second floor, exit to your right and walk to the very end of the hall to Room 247)

Thank you for helping us preserve Pasadena’s Historic Raymond Theatre. We hope to see everyone at the hearing!

Gina Zamparelli
Director, Friends of the Raymond Theatre

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paulaclark on May 16, 2004 at 11:20 am

I have sent a letter to your mayor. I will be thinking of you when I face our meeting at the City Council on Tuesday, May 18th. Our battle for preservation is just for the view from the manager’s apartment, and the view from the street of our main building (a project of neighboring property which would violate a party wall agreement limiting height of their walls to one story is being considered for approval) but I can certainly sympathize. Good luck! Keep us all posted!

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