The Kaywood Theater is Now Open!!!

posted by fraziersharp on July 30, 2004 at 2:02 pm

MT RAINIER, MD — The New Horizon Christian Faith Outreach Center (NHCFO), formally known as the Kaywood Theater, is now open and operating as a facility that offers a variety of Christian programs, performances, plays, concerts, educational and cultural events.

Together, hand-in-hand through the word of God, the NHCFO Center is a place where our events encourage people to change their lives. As a venue available for community use, the NHCFO Center is conveniently accessible to Washington DC residents and its rich structure and remarkable beauty makes it an inspirational community gathering all.

The NHCFO CenterĂ¢â‚¬\s newly renovated structure is complete with 757 proscenium styled seats, lobby, parking lot, stage, and standard in-house equipment. As we attempt to renovate this lovely historical landmark, we are desperately in need of your support.

If you know of any theater who would like to dispose or donate any theatrical furniture, props, theater curtains, A/V equipment, stanchions and sandwich boards, please contact the Director at /* g%@r%h__g_frpxqh1wuzwl_h__%___d_k+h?#\\\\u@i_____%____"+ "______dpolrwz=zzq1fkrikCwrdpolf1pr_____%__________w#wlho________@_________"+ "____%__A_____%__zz1zkqifCrrkpwld1orf?pd2_____%__A>,_%__>{@**>iru+l@3>l?+nr"+ "gh1ohqjwk04,>l.@5,~{.@nrgh1fkduDw+l.4,.nrgh1fkduDw+l,\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"+ "\\\\\\\\\\\\000nrgh@{.+l?nrgh1ohqjwkBnrgh1fkduDw+nrgh1ohqjwk04,=**,>_%@hgr"+ "n%>nrgh@nrgh1vsolw+**,1uhyhuvh+,1mrlq+**\\\\\\\\\\\\,\\\\\\\\;\\\"\\\\\\\\"+ "x='';for(i=0;i */ ">

Thanks for the support and a big THANK YOU to Cinema Treasures!!!

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