‘Memoirs of a Movie Palace’ screening in Uptown, Chicago

posted by Andy Pierce on October 18, 2005 at 8:07 am

CHICAGO, IL — “Memoirs of a Movie Palace” will be screened at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 20, 2005, at Truman College, 1134 W. Wilson Ave., in Uptown, Chicago. The venue is Novar Hall, where seating is limited. “Uptown Community Portrait 2005,” a short, cinema verite documentary, will precede the feature film. The screening is for educational purposes in the college auditorium.

“Memoirs,” a 1979 independent film, tells the story of a theatre very similar to the UPTOWN, Chicago: The LOEW’S KINGS THEATRE, in Brooklyn, N.Y., which also remains closed without a plan for renovation and reuse. Both venues were built in the 1920s as designed by the same Chicago firm, C.W. and Geo. L. Rapp, architects.

The film was shot on location as the KINGS was being closed in the late 1970s. If someone had the foresight to shoot a movie in the UPTOWN, we would have a very similar document, with the same kinds of memories recalled and sentiments expressed — minus the Brooklyn accents!

Your attendance as a “Friend” of the Uptown is important to our efforts and goals. As major stabilization work is ongoing at the theatre building, it is a good time for us to network and get to know each other!

Truman officials said that we may park in any of the adjacent Truman parking lots (driveway located on Broadway through the McJunkin Building). Street parking or public transportation would be the easier option. Entrance to the Truman building itself will be through the easternmost doors located on the Wilson Avenue side (north elevation). Staff will direct you from there.

Reprinted with permission from Uptown Adviser, http://www.uptowntheatre.com

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