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posted by Patrick Crowley on August 10, 2005 at 6:01 pm

FLOYDADA, TX — Verlyn Ratzlaff sent us this note:

I used to be a relief projectionist at the Palace Theater back in the early ‘70s. Lived in Floydada about 6 years during Junior High and High School and sometimes visit the Floyd County Hesperian-Beacon’s online edition.

Noticed this classified ad in the 8/4/05 edition and thought you’d be interested. I don’t really want to join your site, but did want to share this info.

“HOUSE FOR SALE—Unique home located inside the former Palace Theatre in Floydada. Includes 2800 sq feet office space; 2500 sq feet, 3 bedroom and 3 bath house; 500 sq. ft self-contained apartment. 5 lots. Could be used for rental or business income. Must see!”

I’d love to see how this was set up. Last time I was there, many years ago, it was a greeting card/gift shop. I’m wondering if the apartment is the old projection booth, upstairs at the back of the balcony. Had a pair of old Magna Arcs and a hand-crank rewinder setup.

Last I saw, the pre-show sound system consisted of an ancient record player with a couple of nickels on the arm. That thing killed a couple of my favorite LPs back when I was too stupid to realize what was going on.

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JimRankin on August 11, 2005 at 5:21 am

It says that it is “inside” the theatre, but does that mean that the theatre is gone that surrounded the site, or that the somehow the theatre still exists (operating?!) around the home?? Would have been nice if the poster could have included at least a floor plan sketch if not photos of this oddity.

TLSLOEWS on May 28, 2010 at 4:51 pm

What a great idea!

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