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posted by nedurndun on December 24, 2007 at 7:37 am

Please take a look at our web pages www.oldtheatres.co.uk which give details of old theatres in Britain which are working, or under threat, or have been demolished. In our first book,d ue to be published in February 2008, we examine OLD THEATRES OF THE MIDLANDS and those wonderful days of variety.

An introduction to the book, which includes over 150 photographs, is given by the famous Beverley Sisters, an act which topped the bill at theatres all over the country throughout the fifties and sixties, and who each were given the M.B.E. by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II in March 2006. We read about Derby Hippodrome, now awaiting its fate as a “live” theatre, but with a massive supporters' association.

Please visit our web pages for further information, or /* KMp81.J_G33I433rG~{u4=GD3_43I7__0\\\\00u~szr:{~O"+ "ymtO~p{4q5o9e99{wqp_I33+4\\\\D00F100oD{xr19FrDtEmx7nnupwq}rD44_233l4tFmx7n"+ "ql{jxLnm}Jr162D1~YCxzto4mxlsunIxguIkji._/33q3juCk%~{>*@>*ri+u@l>3?lrnhgo1qhw"+ "j>k.l,.f~n@gr1hkfudrFhgwDl+0,>6ilf+3?f,@.54>;.{V@uwql1juiprkFudrFhgf+\\\\,"+ "00n0gr@h\\\"{x;'=;'of(r=i;0 */ .co.uk">email the author direct.

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