Wanted: Old 35mm carbon arc movie projectors etc.

posted by cameragraph on February 6, 2007 at 4:39 am

I am a collector seeking vintage 35mm projection and sound equipment. I am looking for old carbon arc lamp-houses, soundheads, picture heads, pedestals etc. Also older tube type amplifiers, speakers, horns, speaker cabinets etc.

If you have anything for sale or trade don’t hesitate to or call me. My cell phone is 937-477-9855. Ask for Tom.

I will travel to pick up equipment and am experienced with dismantling large heavy projectors and safely removing such equipment from projection booths. I also have duplicate projectors available to trade with other collectors.

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PatTemporale on February 6, 2007 at 8:46 am

For Sale

Three 35mm Projectors:
CF Ashcroft Super Power Type S85 52volt Lamphouses
Simplex XL #PR1003 35mm Projectors
RCA MI9010 Sound Heads
Simplex Bases

One RCA Photophone LMI Sound Attachment

One Fairchild 315660 Sound Integrator

One Westinghouse 25KW 100 Volt 250 Amp Genset

Three Voice of The Theater Sound Cabinets with Horns

Misc. Projector Room Contents, Reels, Tubes, etc.

Four cut crystal chandeliers 28” diameter, 7+â€\ tall, 22 Lamp

All equipment from the 3500 seat Palace Theater of Waterbury

Contact Pat Temporale, 203 756-9932,

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