Eldert & Knickerbocker

posted by LindaF on July 26, 2007 at 3:40 pm

I was so excited to see my family’s grocery store’s name on this site! My father (Giuseppe Costa) Joe, owned the grocery store on Knickerbocker and Eldert St. In fact, my grandfather owned the building. I hated to see the building torn down – it was so beautiful. We sold the store and moved to Massapequa in 1961.

I have such great memories of playing handball against the wall and eating the best fruit and pastries ever! I visited a few years ago and couldn’t get into the chuch (St. Martin’s) I would love to go inside – it was the center of my whole childhood -parents married there and I attended school thru 8th grade. If anyone remembers the “Costa” girls – please write!

[Ed. note- I assume this was brought up because of the sight’s relation to the Alhambra Theatre.]

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