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posted by LouisRugani on July 4, 2007 at 10:45 am

KENOSHA, WI — The City has ordered a raze-or-repair order for the Roosevelt Theatre. I don’t think the building is that bad, as I was in it in the Spring. The proscenium arch is gone but the rest of the interior structure looks presentable. The building has two usable store fronts and large upstairs apartment. For more, call me at (262) 652-3034.

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MiltonSmith on July 4, 2007 at 11:17 am

Guess the city is itching to tear it down for something else. I never thought the structure looked in THAT bad of shape! Very strange.

theatre4sale on July 17, 2007 at 1:41 pm

Hey Lou I tried calling you today but there was no answer. Do you have any idea of the asking price? Would the building have to be restored to its original condition?

rivieraservices on July 23, 2007 at 3:50 am

I think some rich developer is paying off some city official so he can destroy it and build condos!

MiltonSmith on July 23, 2007 at 11:09 am

I doubt its some rich developer trying to build condos, not the right area.

rivieraservices on July 23, 2007 at 1:34 pm

I talked to the civil servant taking care of it and for some reason he could'nt tell me why it had a demolition order against it. Someone must be paying off the city officials because they have something else planned for that spot. Its kind of sick when you think about it.

MiltonSmith on July 23, 2007 at 2:13 pm

Oh, I’m sure someone is after it. Its a case of a large empty building doing nothing, developers see $$$. Since no one else is jumping at making it a theater, it probably will meet the wrecking ball.

rivieraservices on July 24, 2007 at 4:23 am

Sad but true and theres no way to contact the owner John Gee. The asking price is only 110 000. I would buy it tommorrow if I had the chance to meet the owner. But I think once the city has put a demolition order against the politics involved must stick like fish. It would probably be hard to overturn the raise order. By then the developer is throwing so much money in the face of the civil servant, he just wants to get it over with.

MiltonSmith on July 24, 2007 at 9:57 am

Actually, I don’t think it would be hard to overturn the raze or repair order, just someone would have to get in there and do something with it. Problem is, no one has wanted to. That’s some prime real estate there and the city doesn’t like huge empty buildings. If you want to blame anybody, blame the current owner for just letting it sit.

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