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posted by Organpiper on August 1, 2007 at 7:45 am

BRISTOL, TN — Thanks to whoever asked about this. I’m House Organist on the Mighty Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ at the Paramount Center for the Arts—over 2,000 pipes plus 27 real instruments, drums, percussions, harps, bells, etc mounted in the chambers — all played from the console. I play concerts, accompany silent comedy films, do sing-alongs, plus private dinners, celebrations, and most anything requested.

You can see the organ and Paramount by searching “House Organist Rex Ward” to bring it all up. We’re in the city of the Bristol International Speedway and the “Birthplace of Country Music” -may God help us all. Theatre Bristol is next door—local performing troupes who do great performances — often in the Paramount Center.

I saw a post asking “what about” the place, so I thought I’d explain things. We do an annual Christmas pilgrimage with it ending at the Paramount for a rousing Christmas community show with the organ and others. A few times a year we normally get in some concerts, silent movies, sing alongs, “star look-a-like contest”, under the seat prizes and a few “water throwing” skits, etc etc. Yeah…corny but great fun with good turn out.

If you make it exciting, varied, and understandable to the public, people still love the original old movie/performance houses. Talent shows, re-run of great films—INCLUDING showing all the hit musicals missed buy the “younger” generation. Roxy in miniature—they love it. Enough….and remember—-if it’s a classic—they’re ALL good seats!

House Organist Rex Ward
Paramount Center For The Arts—Bristol, Tn

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