The 5 Points Theatre back in the movie business

posted by Michael Zoldessy on November 18, 2008 at 7:50 am

RIVERSIDE, FL — After numerous incarnations, Florida’s first theatre to show a talkie is getting back to showing movies.

For all who cherish neighborhood bars, mom and pop restaurants and local boutiques, you now have another movie theater to add to your hometown commerce roster. The 5 Points Theatre in Riverside returned to its roots and reopened last month as a movie house that shows those zany “talkies” so popular with the kids. One screen, one concession stand, one heckuva display of baked goods.

It’s early in the game for the theater, so it is not a particularly grand experience walking into the lobby. Yes, it’s clean and fresh-looking, but it’s sparse, giving off the feel of a mid-range hotel banquet room.

Manager Peter Mosely, whose band used to rock the Club 5 stage, told me the lobby is a work in progress, and they’re working to find a local gallery to pretty up the walls. They also want to add some lounge seating so guests can sit and enjoy a drink before the show.

Read the full story in the Florida Times-Union.

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