Boyd Theatre: Carpets to return!

posted by HowardBHaas on December 8, 2008 at 9:58 am

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Friends of the Boyd are excited to share with you color drawings of the gorgeous CARPETS that were made for the Boyd Theatre when it opened in 1928, and will again be woven for the movie palace IF the restoration project begins again! We had black and white photos of the original carpets, but colors had to be determined.

In the auditorium and adjoining foyers in 1928, was a beautiful carpet with a French Art Deco design in an ORGANIC pattern. Its colors were found from a surviving piece discovered in 2005 underneath a concession stand serving the balcony. Architects Martinez & Johnson redeveloped the carpet so it can return to the Boyd!

A 1928 photo of the MEN’S LOUNGE adjoining the balcony shows another wonderful Art Deco carpet. No surviving example was found, so it is possible that colors might be adjusted later. Here is the carpet replicated by Martinez and Johnson and intended for all the lounges at the historic Boyd Theatre:

For the GRAND LOBBY, ordered from Czechoslovakia in 1928 was a specially made AREA CARPET. Though measuring 40 x 26 feet, it was woven in one piece! Working with the black and white 1928 photo and the colors found in the Paint Study done in 2005 at the Boyd, architects Martinez & Johnson have redeveloped this fantastic carpet:

Thanks to the fine work of architects Martinez & Johnson, everyone who steps into a restored Boyd Theatre will once again enjoy gorgeous Art Deco carpets. Of course, there’s more work to do, as the Boyd Theatre is awaiting finalization of purchase by Hal Wheeler, funding assistance for the rehabilitation, and a thorough restoration. For more information, visit

Howard B. Haas, President, Friends of the Boyd, Inc.

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irishcine on December 9, 2008 at 1:26 pm

Excellent news, hope to walk across it (with clean shoes of course) very soon.

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