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posted by Gharri5412 on May 29, 2008 at 9:30 am

For Sale: 2 Complete Twin Movie Theater Equipment for Sale Complete with DTS Surround Sound Equipment

Are you ready to be in the movie theater business?

Here’s a short List:

Smart MOD VI Stereo Processors
Smart MN-600 6 Channel monitors
QSC USA Series 900 Power Amps
QSC USA Series 1310 Power Amps
JBL 3677 Theater Stage Speakers
JBL 3310 Surround Sound Speakers
JBL 2502 Speaker Brackets (fit JBL 3310 Speaker)
JBL Sub Woofer Speakers syst (Model 3635)
Slit Lens for 9030 Sound Head, (Extra narrow)
Stereo Cells with Bracket Kelmar for 9030 sound head
Slit Lens for CinemaV5 Projector (Extra narrow)
Stereo Cells with brackets, Kelmar for V5 Projector ( DX1079-2
DTS-6D Processors
Cinemeccanica Projector
Victoria- 5 (V-5) with sound head
Xetron Lamphouse Series XH w/ Power Supply IREM (N3-X50)
Sound Cinemeccanica C-55 PT/PTA
Xetron Maxi-X Automation (with Remote)
Xetron IV Lighting Control System
Interaator Max-8
Potts Platter- Five Tier (P/N 35-4G)
Kelmar Film Cleaners With
RCA Sound Heads 9030
Century C Projectors

Potts Platter Alpha 5 Tier with Make Up Table
Xetron Automation Maxi8 With Remote- XAT
1000 Watt Xenon Bulbs
Strong Lum-X 1600 Watt Lamp House ( Type G5000-1) w/ Power Supply
Sankor 4.25 Lenses
Sankor Anamorphic lenses
Sankor 2.75 Lenses
Cinemasdscope Anamorphic Lenses
Kollmorgen 5.5 Series 11BX-163 lenses
Kollmorgen F-1.9 3 ¼" Lens
Hilux F-1.8 2.75" lens
Projection Optics Co Series III C 6 ¼" lens
Kollmorgen F-1.9 4.25" and F-1.73" Lens
5 Ticket Ticket Machine
3 Ticket Ticket Machines
Erwin Citation Chairs

Heywood Wakefields Chairs
4 each Screens
All Equipment is in good condition
For more info/pics please request

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DougThompson on May 31, 2008 at 10:47 pm

Are they going to put the pipe organ back in.

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