Save the Historic Prince Theatre

posted by gdav on January 7, 2009 at 7:40 am

Hello! I am Miles Ramsey. I love real old movie theaters. I fell in love with the Prince Theater. I wanted to know what happened to it and why was it allowed to fall apart. This is what I founded out!

The Prince Theater is located on Main Street in the City of Pahokee, Florida. Several years ago it was reopened for a short time by a local filmmaker Gary Davis. It served the community by providing the youth with a place to go on the weekends and stay out of trouble as well as provide the community with culture events such as the Xpress Film Fest, A USO Musical Show, The Gold Coast Chamber Orchestra, A Night of Jazz, Mr A’s Magic Show, Reel Old Movies, Town Hall Meetings, The Rec Dept’s Community Play, Latin Night and many other events…

As I understand Mr.Davis wanted to buy the theater from the City of Pahokee, who orginally wanted nothing more than to sell it to him. But! Mr. Davis claims after he did all that he could and after dealing with at least five city managers in only a years amount of time, the city decided to keep the $100,000 (Davis claims he help get from the county for what he had going on in the theater) and the theater for themselves. They told Davis to fork over $1,000 a month to lease it instead. Davis decided to go and produced music and movies.

After looking on the net I managed to find several of the movies he produced, several on Netflix. I also found plenty of his music, at least ten CDs. This man has been busy! Maybe he did know something the city didn’t. I asked him would he come back and if so what would he do?

I managed to get him interested!


The City has no money! This poor Art Deco Theater is falling apart. Please! Contact the City of Pahokee and tell them what you think! They cannot do anything themselves but have the Palm Beach County tear it down! Or sell it to Mr.Davis! Help!

City number (561)924-5535

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nerwall16 on January 7, 2009 at 1:24 pm

your efforts are fantastic, its good to see people taking matters into there hands instead of your posting about it online, the economy is bad now and sadly we are going to see so many treasures fall in 09

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