New Yonkers retail project includes movie theater

posted by ThomasRossi007 on October 26, 2009 at 2:45 pm

YONKERS, NY — The Yonkers, NY City Council recently approved a major downtown retail and waterfront project which includes a 15 screen Regal movie theater to be located at Nepperhan Avenue and New School Street.

Read more at the Westchester County Business Journal.

This second new theater for Yonkers comes while National Amusements Cinema Delux 12 is under construction at the Ridge Hill project. See for an aerial view of the theater. It is not clear if Redstone will sell their lease for these locations.

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danpetitpas on October 27, 2009 at 8:51 pm

Sounds like a game of chicken. Two competing lifestyle centers in the same city, with two competing multiplexes. Plus Sumner Redstone has made it virtually impossible for National Amusements to get any loans to open this place. I’m betting NA is going to be a no-show when Ridgehill opens.

ThomasRossi007 on October 31, 2009 at 6:36 pm

FYI: In the mid 1970’s, General Cinema had an option for a triplex to be included in a downtown proposed mall planned by Ginsburg Taubman which never came to fruition. This is exactly where Regal now wants to build it’s 15 plex.
They also had an option for a triplex on the other side of town on Central Park Avenue @ Underhill Street for a mall that never came to be, but did open as a shopping center with Pathmark. In 1979, United Artists applied to the Zoning Board for a twin theater in this Pathmark-HighRidge strip mall, but they withdrew for unknown reasons before even presenting their case to the Zoning Board.

Lastly, Cineplex odeon was to be part of the Austin Avenue retail center where Stew Leonard’s now stands. They probably never built due to their sell off. Later, RKO Stanley Warner was written up in the local press as being involved in a legal battle with the owners over their planned theater that never came to be.

In closing, it all makes you wonder how many of these projects are planned and never come to fruition for many reasons. maybe a separate, permanent thread of “Theaers Planned that never happened” could be considered by the webmasters. has something similar.

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