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posted by radicastuff on June 29, 2009 at 7:50 am

KENEDY, TX — The Rialto Theater is for sale. Selling for what we have invested, $10,000. We need to sell it to help family with medical issues. It needs a complete rehab.

The beginnings of rehab were started. The marque glass was removed and replaced with plastic. Some of the original pink tinted marque glass and holders are inside the building.

The interior has been gutted including walls. There is a balcony but the floor was stripped out and the boards are scattered in several areas. There was water damage due to a leak along the length of the building. A temporary patch was placed to prevent further damage. There are no seats in this theater. There is some kind of speaker box on the stage. In the projector room are 3 carbon rod projectors and a power unit. Don’t know if it works. On the walls are a couple of murals made of cloth.

The front has 3 sections. There was the main theater lobby and a small business on each side. The rehab was started in one section with new framing, floor joists and metal roofing. The other 2 front areas need the roof and floors replaced.

The original marble sidewalk is still there. The city previously informed us when completed that since the front is 2 stories that the second story can be living quarters.

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Theaterman1 on June 29, 2009 at 2:12 pm

Even the Marquee is not done right,, dont know about it but i dont beleive 10k is the right price,, i would lower it to well, sorry sell it on ebay again i believe that might be better for you,,

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