National Amusements: Sell off rumors

posted by ThomasRossi007 on September 22, 2009 at 5:25 pm

What has everybody else heard???
Here’s what I hear:
New Jersey: They are only keeping one theater. Edgewater perhaps??

New York: They may keep all or some of their new Cinema delUx sites.

Greenburgh and Whitestone: Clearview buying it.
Concourse, 161 St, Bronx: AMC
Cross County, Yonkers: Regal will take over their lease or the theater will close, as the residents hate it and the landlord is going upscale with their overall shopping center renovations and wants them out along with Burger King.
Ridge Hill, Yonkers: Lease option for sale.
Bronx lease options for sale: Kingsbridge Armory Mall and the Plaza at the HUB, 149th St@ Bergen and Brook Streets.

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