New company promotes improved 3D system for existing 35mm projectors

posted by CSWalczak on January 26, 2010 at 7:40 am

SAN JOSE, CA — Oculus3D has announced a new lens and film printing system that it claims will substantially reduce the cost of presenting 3D films. The company claims the system will benefit those theater operators unable or unwilling to make the investment in digital 3D projection systems.

The Oculus3D system consists of the OculR lens for the theater’s 35mm projector, a new movie screen and plastic frame linear polarizer glasses. The lens provides a minimum brightness of six foot lamberts, which equals or exceeds the brightness of most digital and single-projector film systems.

In addition, the startup’s approach does not use the over/under technique of packing left and right frames—one on top of the other—into a single movie frame. At the Consumer Electronics Show, cable TV and satellite broadcasters said they will adopt the over/under or a side-by-side format to reduce the bandwidth needed to send stereo 3-D content.

Further information about the system is in the EE Times.

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