The Cinema Preservation Group now offers in-house equipment financing for start up and established theatres.

posted by historiccinemas on March 29, 2010 at 10:50 am

ASHEVILLE, NC — In the current economic climate, banks and other financial institutions have dramatically scaled back lending to start up theaters. Even established theaters have felt the squeeze in these tough economic times. Barry Flood, owner of the Tryon Theatre in Tryon North Carolina, said “between studios taking a 50% + take on second run tickets and the banks tightening lending, financing the booth equipment would be a great way for a theatre to become established faster and with less headache.”

In-house financing for start up and small established theaters has been a non-existent way to purchase equipment until now. This new offering will allow theater owners to act quickly, enabling them to open additional auditoriums or open a new theater in time for busy seasons.

The group has a specific line of items theaters can finance such as most used projectors, lamp houses, sound heads, sound processors, speakers, wire, amplifiers, lenses, aperture plates, platters, makeup tables and other 35MM components. Applications are processed within 24 hours and equipment can normally be shipped within 10 to 15 days.

“We have structured our financing process to be painless and streamlined” Maddison Lake, President of the group said. “Private owners and corporations alike are treated the same. We finance equipment owned by the group, we have full control over all aspects of the deal between the theatre and us.

About The Cinema Preservation Group:

The Cinema Preservation Group, established in 1998, has been helping small start-up theaters, restoring antiquities and performing extensive research to catalog a nation of vintage theaters. Several Cinema Preservation Group projects such as, < and have been a part of a long term expansion plan to further the companies excellence in performing independent feasibility studies and historical research on a national and international level.

Ivan Eisenberg
800.353.8417 Extension 5

2002 Riverside Dr. 42G Asheville NC 28804

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NativeForestHiller on April 8, 2010 at 7:19 pm

Hi! Your venture sounds promising. I am a historic preservationist from NY, and I would appreciate it if you can add me to your mailing list. One means in which I am furthering the preservation ethic is by convincing, working with, as well as securing potential theater owners and tenants to adaptively and creatively reuse historic theaters, as well as restore their ornate or subdued yet elegant or striking architectural details. My contact information is as follows:

Michael Perlman

Rego-Forest Preservation Council, Chair
Four Borough Preservation Alliance Corp, Queens VP
Queens Preservation Council, Bd. of Dir.
Central Queens Historical Association, Bd. of Dir.
Friends of The Ridgewood Theatre, Chair
Friends of The RKO Keith’s Flushing Theatre, Member
Committee To Save The Forum Diner/Cheyenne Diner/Moondance Diner, Chair

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