Drive-in experience may return to Tucson

posted by CSWalczak on June 28, 2010 at 7:43 am

TUCSON, AZ — If Charlie Spillar and Demion Clinco have their way, folks in Tucson may soon have the chance to experience the pleasures of a drive-in cinema once again. The two have been salvaging screen parts from site of the former De Anza Drive-in which was closed in 2009 and demolished in 2010. They are looking for an appropriate land parcel and intend to operate the theater on a not-for-profit basis, hosting other events on the site as well. They plan to name the drive-in the Cactus, which was the De Anza’s original name.

The drive-in would also likely host some outdoor concerts, farmers markets, car shows and other events. Spillar said it is a strictly privately funded plan, but he hopes the city helps them with a site.

The group already has a projector and sound gear that will transmit to FM car radios, and speakers that will be placed in an outdoor seating area for those who walk in and bike to the drive-in.

There’s more in the Arizona Daily Star and a related website is here.

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