Bitter negotiations at the Fox Theatre

posted by LOVETHATBOB on September 1, 2010 at 7:40 am

ATLANTA, GA — The 83 year old Joe Patten, who was instrumental in saving the Fox Theatre over 30 years ago, is questioning his future with the theatre following his rejection of a new lease.

Still, Joe Patten is sad and disappointed that after 31 years of living rent free in his Fox apartment according to the original lease, Patten believes the theater board is trying to find a way to squeeze him out.

“They need the space,” Patten said. “And I think there’s a greater reason that for some reason or another they resent my operation here in the building.”

Patten says the new lease agreement includes conditions and exclusions that would make it difficult, if not impossible for him to continue to live in the apartment with his health.

Read more at NBC 11 Atlanta.

There’s also more current news at the Fox Theatre Scrapbook.

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IntownWriter on September 9, 2010 at 4:24 am

Great post, Bob!

If fans would like to see all the documents in the Fox Theatre/Joe Patten controversy, please visit my blog at:

Check out the original life-time lease; the letters from Atlanta Landmarks President Edward “Woody” White to Joe; and the new “occupancy agreement” – not a lease, but a tenancy-at-will arrangement – that allows the Fox to end the arrangement with Joe “for any reason or for no reason” with 60 days written notice.
The Fox is telling one story to the public and media, and another, uglier story is being told through its official communications with Joe.

Read for yourself. All of the documents – and more – are under “Just the Facts, Ma'am: All the Documents You Need” at

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