Cinema City to offer 4D cinema ads soon

posted by Michael Zoldessy on January 9, 2013 at 4:00 pm

AUTHOR: Ing. Juraj Misun, PhD.

A few years ago the Israeli company Cinema City International signed a cooperation agreement with the South Korean firm CJ 4Dplex, a company that provides 4DXTM cinema systems for exhibition firms along with programming content from major Hollywood studios.

This year, however, it seems the cooperation of both companies will start to bear fruit. Not only will Cinema City restore some of its most visited European auditoriums into the new technology, but from this process also advertisers may benefit.

According to an interview of a manager of Cinema City International in the Czech press, the third largest cinema chain in Europe and its subsidiary New Age Advertising will soon start to offer cross-country 4D-advertising in selected theaters across Central Europe and Israel. After passing by the European certification, the 4D technology will be installed.

The prizes for the production of a 4D-spots are currently not precisely defined, but Martin Kopecky, Cinema City Country Manager for Czech Republic and Slovakia, considers with the prize about 3,000 Euros (approximately 4,000 US$). He thinks, to save costs the best for advertisers is to convert image spots.

The first Cinema City 4D auditorium was built in the 24-screen megaplex project in Rishon LeZion, Israel (Yes Planet Rishon LeZion). According to Cinema City the high-tech hall has 124 seats outfitted with “motion-base” technology that move in sync with on-screen action. Both the chairs and auditorium have devices to simulate wind, water and dozens of other effects.

Next auditoriums should follow in Central Europe over the next five years. The two companies plan to develop about 30 auditoriums by 2017. The next screens should be opened in Warsaw/Poland (probably Cinema City Arkadia or Cinema City + Imax Bemowo), Prague/Czech Republic (proclaimed Cinema City Novy Smichov, planed opening in Q1, 2013) and Budapest/Hungary (probably Cinema City West End or Cinema City + Imax Arena Plaza).

To the Slovak market, however, the company doesn’t hurry. Not just because of the small, although relatively rich market of the capital city Bratislava, but also because in the country a real 4D cinema is already in operation. Fifteen 4D-seats are a part of the screen no. 1 of the two-screen cinema Europa Cinemas Zvolen and use the competitive D-Box technology. This means that the exclusivity of a novelty in Slovakia is not given anymore.

Later, it can be predicted that new 4D-seats will be installed in Cinema City AuPark, the largest theater in Slovakia.

The South Korean company CJ 4Dplex has already installed more than 5,800 seats in 34 sites in six countries, but isn’t present on the most important exhibition market – USA, where its American rival D-Box is dominant. Besides Cinema City International the exhibition partners of 4Dplex include the South Korean chain CJ CGV, Cinépolis in Latin America, Major Cineplex in Thailand or Cinema Park, the largest exhibition chain in Russia.

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