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Favorite movies: when the seas rises, swept away by an unusual destiny in the blue seas of august, wild reeds, fosse's sweet charity, the night of the shooting stars, 2001: a space odyssey, to kill a mockingbird, de palma's dressed to kill, tootsie, the heartbreak kid, summer, all about eve, amarcord, babette's feast, carnal knowledge, cabaret, a room with a view, day for night, demy's 'lola', demy's 'bay of angels', harry and tonto, the graduate, le bal, 8 1/2, e.t. the extra-terrestrial, ozon's swimming pool, diva, parting glances, breaking away, kurosawa's 'high and low', the wild parrots of telegraph hill, and kurosawa's 'dreams' are a few of many missing here.

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