Radio City Music Hall

1260 6th Avenue,
New York, NY 10020

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moviebuff82 on July 14, 2019 at 1:26 am

Major power outage is affecting theaters around the area including this one

Mike (saps)
Mike (saps) on July 7, 2019 at 8:29 pm

I’m sure that woman and her children also remember them…

vindanpar on July 7, 2019 at 7:06 pm

Re the 2 postings of BAF on the photo section:The last time the Undersea Ballet was done. Another stage staple that disappeared early in the 70s and for which the Music Hall was known for its spectacular stage capabilities.

I remember sitting in the 2nd balc because the orch was full and there was a woman with a few children. At the end of it she literally turned her head to me and looked at me with amazement. Nobody remembers these spectacles any more but me. These are what defined the place equally to the Rockettes.

vindanpar on May 2, 2019 at 6:49 pm

I assume Sunflower(the poster was recently added to photos) was the only dubbed film to ever play the Music Hall. It was not mentioned in any of the ads and there were some who were justifiably upset though I’m sure that whatever audience the Music Hall still had left the majority didn’t care and certainly didn’t want to see it in Italian. I saw it the first Saturday morning and I remember it being crowded with a full orchestra. There had been a lot of publicity on its opening day because Loren made a personal appearance and I believe Variety compared the crowd to those that showed up for a Disney film at holiday time.

vindanpar on May 1, 2019 at 2:00 pm

How long did Hail Hero play? The opening seems to have been Oct 23rd but The Brain was the Thanksgiving film. Until the mid 70s ‘69 seems to have been the Music Hall’s worst selection of films. One dreadful film after another. Seems like the only watchable films were Love Bug and True Grit. The American New Wave took hold and even if a few style old films were made that fit the Hall they ended up on the upper East Side playing along with Loew’s State if they would even be seen among the hoi polloi of Times Square.

The Music Hall which always had the highest grosses no matter how low was even beaten out by I am Curious Yellow during its run of Mayerling.

vindanpar on April 24, 2019 at 2:53 am

Legend of the Vikings must have been a lot of fun. Too bad it was never done again. I would have loved to have seen it.

moviebuff82 on April 19, 2019 at 12:16 am

Game of thrones had its season premiere shown on the big screen a week before it’s pay tv debut here.

vindanpar on April 19, 2019 at 12:14 am

So what film did the Glory of Easter premiere with? I believe the Music Hall did a tableau of the Last Supper before Glory of Easter was first produced.

Also see in the ad for the stage show with the film Richelieu the name Aronson as in Boris. He certainly created the most astonishing designs I saw on stage in his Harold Prince productions. Sadly this theatrical genius no longer exists.

moviebuff82 on April 8, 2019 at 1:46 am

Rewatching captain America the first avenger and there’s a scene in which captain America does the stars and stripes musical revue at the hall.

robboehm on March 14, 2019 at 2:04 pm

Cool-no curiosity. The nearby theaters is totally unreliable. I have seen occasions where it doesn’t even pick up multiple theaters in the same zip code of some remote town in the mid west.

Comfortably Cool
Comfortably Cool on March 14, 2019 at 1:22 pm

Curiously, the list of “Nearby Theaters” for Radio City Music Hall doesn’t include the Roxy, which was just one block away and its largest and most serious competition.

markp on December 15, 2018 at 3:49 pm

Christmas Spectacular has been extended till January 6th.

markp on December 3, 2018 at 6:44 pm

Well it wont be long before protesters will be out picketing. Another wholesome show gonna go down the tubes because of p.c.

Comfortably Cool
Comfortably Cool on December 3, 2018 at 2:40 pm

A controversial article about the Rockettes and the Christmas Spectacular was published in yesterday’s edition of The New York Times. Link here

moviebuff82 on December 2, 2018 at 10:13 pm

This building is featured in the ps4 spiderman video game that came out a few months ago.

Mike (saps)
Mike (saps) on November 27, 2018 at 7:36 am

Recent photos added

Comfortably Cool
Comfortably Cool on November 24, 2018 at 3:00 pm

The New York Times reviewed the 2018 edition under a headline:“Amid the Visuals. Rockettes Dazzle.” Link here

markp on November 23, 2018 at 10:32 pm

That would explain it. Exactly what it looks like, 3 separate panels.

rcdt55b on November 23, 2018 at 3:11 pm

The so called “wretched 3-D Santa ride” still gets one of the greatest responses from the audience, adults included. The film is no different than last year’s other than the Coke logo in Times Square has been changed to Pepsi. It’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

There are no “panels” as far as the screen goes. It’s a one piece silver screen. There are 2 vertical supports behind it. When the outside doors are open, the vacuum that’s created sucks the actual screen material back and pushes on those supports. It makes it look like 3 separate pieces, especially on bright scenes. To make things worse, the screen is not curved, which silver screens are supposed to be.

markp on November 23, 2018 at 12:38 pm

I saw the show on Nov 8. Second mezzanine. I noticed the same thing about the santa ride. But I do agree having the images on the ceiling is great. But friends of mine sitting second row from the stage did not see the ceiling images without turning completely around

Mike (saps)
Mike (saps) on November 23, 2018 at 8:38 am

Actually, the “dynamic architectural projection-mapped media on the ceiling of Radio City Music Hall” looked pretty good, and in a way brought the show from the stage all the way to the third mezzanine more than once during the proceedings.

However, the wretched 3-D Santa ride was abysmal, looking fake and dated, and worst of all, each section of the three-panel screen had different coloring/brightness and the seams were plainly visible. It’s time to overhaul or eliminate this particular number.

rcdt55b on November 21, 2018 at 6:45 pm

More and more automation!!!!!!!!!! Oi.

Comfortably Cool
Comfortably Cool on November 21, 2018 at 6:39 pm

The “Christmas Spectacular” keeps on zooming in the 21st Century. What would “Roxy” and Leon Leonidoff think? View here

moviebuff82 on August 21, 2018 at 2:13 am

Tonight’s mtv video music awards is being shown live from this venue.

vindanpar on July 1, 2018 at 3:36 pm

Lots of mistakes in that book so don’t take it as any kind of bible.