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balldog5 commented about Palms Theater on Dec 24, 2007 at 2:42 pm

I was the Assistant Manager of the Palms in the early 50’s and my Uncle was projectionist throughout the theatre’s years. Beautiful theatre, very unique. Departing the parking lot, you passed the exterior part of the March of Dimes pool. You then passed through a arbor of Jasmine, a touch of heaven when blooming. Next is the entrance lobby, all in glass, where future posters were displayed with the inner part of the pool, there were always fresh flowers donated by Norman’s Flower Shop, south of the theatre. Also overhead music played by phone from the Adams Hotel, I believe this was one of Dwight (Red) Harkin’s first endeavors, not sure. This lobby led to the inner lobby which featured a collection of Indian pottery, the concession, and a kind maid keeping everything tidy. Popcorn was popped and bagged in the basement to avoid odors in the lobby. Entering the auditorium you observed beautiful contour curtains under gold ceiling lighting, soft house lights and music. Soon the house lights dim with blue lighting on the walls. The gold contours rise slowly, in loops, into the ceiling, leaving some gold loops hanging after rising. The contours extended nearly half way to the back of the auditorium. A thin title curtain covers the screen upon which opens to reveal the short subjects of Newsreel, Cartoon and Previews. The title curtain closes, gold lights come up, and feature film covers the title curtain as it opens, gold lights dim down. At completion of the feature, title closes and the contours drop in full gold. Leaving the theatre you have choices of Durant’s, Mexican Food, Polar Bear or Golden Drumstick next door. I MUST NOT forget to say that there was parking right on North Central. I remember the Fox, Vista, Rialto, Aztec (spanish, Strand and Phoenix theaters with fondness, downtown was safe and wonderful.