Photos favorited by Bill Huelbig

  • <p>October 6, 1960 70MM Roadshow Engagement  Nominated for 6 Academy Awards winning 4 including Best Actor in a Supporting Role Peter Ustinov</p>
  • <p>50th Anniversary of World Premiere Engagement (1968-2018)</p>
  • <p>New York premiere engagement opened May 28th, 1958</p>
  • <p>July 30, 1971</p>
  • <p>Thanksgiving Day (November 26th, 1970)</p>
  • <p>July 29, 1970</p>
  • <p>Lucky winner of the “Them” coloring contest gets her free TV from Utah Theatre Assistant Manager James Deveraux in 1954</p>
  • <p>1954 shot with “Rear Window” playing at the Rivooli.</p>
  • <p>Late in 1953, the – then – Globe Theatre remodeled installing surround sound and a new Miracle Mirror screen to show CinemaScope films. The screen is 37.6' W x 21' H compared to the old 24'x18' screen.</p>
  • <p>Lester Pollock decides that he wants to reuse those 3D glasses at the Loew’s Rochester in `953; here’s the lobby shot</p>
  • <p>In addition to the marquee on the theatre, there was a sign by Sunset Avenue.  There was a bit of distance from the street to the movie theatre making it difficult to read the names of the movies on the marquee.  The placement of this sign alleviated this problem.</p>
  • <p>Cylindrical kiosk with showtime at the Walter Reade Kingston Theatre lobby in 1953</p>
  • <p>Manager Lester Pollock gets his lobby ready at Loew’s Rochester Theatre in 1953 for the World Premiere of “Kiss Me Kate.”</p>
  • <p>Mogambo at the Riverside Theatre in 1953 in Milwaukee</p>
  • <p>Classic marquee topper for “Mogambo” in 1953 at the, the, Loew’s State Theatre in Syracuse.</p>
  • <p>That’s Mrs. Donald Dooley who gets a private screening of “The Moon is Blue” after she complained about missing some lines as people in the audience were laughing so hard. J.P. Harrison allowed a special one-person screening on September 24, 1953 and got national publicity, to boot.</p>
  • <p>“Come Back Little Sheba” leaves</p>
  • <p>1963 photo courtesy of the Traces Of Texas Facebook page.</p>
  • <p>March 18,1970</p>
              <p>RETURN TO “2001”. EXPERIENCE. The Ziegfeld Theatre is the only theatre in the country equipped with 6-track stereophonic sound. You will hear “Zarathustra”, “The Blue Danube”, and Gyorgy Ligeti’s electronic compositions from 9 overhead Altec-Lansing speakers and 20 frontal A7 console speakers (4'high,3'wide,3'deep). The screen at the Ziegfeld is 50' across and 24" high (that’s about half a city block long). You will see
              “The Dawn of Man” and “To Jupiter and Beyond” projected from the 70MM Zeiss Ikon Favorit projectors equipped with Xenon lamphouses. RETURN TO “2001”. EXPERIENCE.</p>
  • <p>January 4th, 1974 ad for The Exorcist</p>
  • <p>1964 photo credit Robert Juzefski.</p>