Photos favorited by Bill Huelbig

  • <p>1964 photo credit Robert Juzefski.</p>
  • <p>1943 trade ad with exterior photos of record-breaking crowds for “Random Harvest.”</p>
  • <p>A view of the Warner Theatre Auditorium from aisle four.</p>
  • <p>A view from the right top of the balcony.</p>
  • <p>A view of the stage from lower balcony left.</p>
  • <p>The Warner had a spectacular curved “Cinerama” screen. It had three curtain openings. The first was the narrowest opening. It was for regular 35mm releases.</p>
  • <p>April 16,1971</p>
  • <p>“The New York Times, June 12, 1960”</p>
  • <p>In better days. Buy me that town!</p>
  • <p>Grauman’s Chinese Theater’s Engagemement for “Star Wars”</p>
  • <p>Broadway looking north at 50th Street 1962,
              Loew’s Capitol, then called Loew’s Cinerama.</p>
  • <p>Stairway upstairs to foyer and main lobby/lounge</p>