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caterslo commented about Heirloom Arts Theatre on Jun 30, 2012 at 5:24 pm

I have great memories of both Theaters. My Grandfather ran the projector for all the movies at the Empress, and my Uncle’s Brother by marriage worked for the Palace. We lived above the Empress as a child. And got to see many of the old Disney Movies,ect Oh the great times we had as a child. I remember the beautiful Fountain in the lobby, that we would throw a penny into for a wish. And the beautiful chandelier’s I always wondered what happen to the marble fountain, and the huge stain glass Chandelier. I remember walking up the metal stairs outside the building to get to the projector room with my grandpa. If anyone can give me any information on the fountain I would love to know where she ended up, and the huge chandelier. thanks for the memory..