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chinapet commented about Roxy Theatre on Sep 7, 2005 at 4:00 pm

How amazing to come across this site after all these years! There used to be another theatre about a block down from the Renton called the Rainier Theatre. Damage suffered in the 1965 earthquake closed that theatre for good and it became a parking lot.

I remember because these theatres were in my family from 1920(something), when my great-grandfather, Ben Fey, built them – until 1978, when my grandfather finally gave in to the growing cinemaplexes and sold. I remember vividly how he refused to sell to anyone showing pornography. Thankfully it was after his death that the Theatre finally succumbed to that seedy fate. I believe it was during this time that the theatre lost much of the remaining original beauty.

When I was young, I remember two major remodeling projects on the Roxy. I can’t remember the years, but I do remember the last one being a valiant effort to compete with the first cinemaplex to open in Renton (I can’t even remember the name of it!).

I have many pictures passed down to me of the theatres – being built and throughout various ages, along with many stories if anyone is interested!!