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Chitown commented about Tiffin Theatre on Mar 11, 2005 at 9:34 pm

The Tiffin Theater brings back a lot of happy memories. I do remember the owner, but I didn’t know his name until I read the post from his daughter. He was a nice man. I also remember some of the ushers, especially this cute blonde guy of Polish descent who ended up becoming a Chicago police officer. Back then, Jack Clark looked like such an older man to me, but I imagine he really wasn’t that old at that time—that was just my perspective as an 8 to 15 year old kid. I would have been 10 years old in 1962, and I remember in the late 50’s and early 60’s seeing Psycho, Hard Day’s Night (my friend and I arrived at 6am in the morning to be the first in line so we could get a front seat for that Beatle movie), Godzilla, Abbot and Costello Meet…..Whoever (Maybe the Werewolf?), and many other movies. We always looked forward to the Tom and Jerry cartoons before the main feature. I remember the music that was played before the screen even lit up—some classical music (I remember the tune, but don’t know who the composer was). I remember the Nonparels, Jujubees and Boston Baked Beans candy. Didn’t we see Dave Clark 5 and Connie Stevens appear there in person? To Jack Clark’s daughter, was your Dad aware that there was an access door to the ladies' restroom from the inside of the soda fountain shop located on the corner of North and Karlov? streets, just west of the Tiffin theater. One time we found and descended some stairs in the rear of the soda shop, opened an unlocked door, and found ourselves in the ladies' restroom of the theater. That meant no admission charge, but we never mentioned this secret entryway to anyone. Sorry to you and your Dad that we did this! I wonder now if your Dad was ever aware of this means of entry into the theater. I sincerely thank Jack Clark and daughter, JBCDC, for all the great movies and memories!