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Donaldvf commented about Crest Theatre on Jan 24, 2004 at 6:38 am

On a whim I cchecked to see if the Crest was still open. I am sad to hear it was demolished. I remember it fondly from the fifties when we lived in No. LB. I continually tell people stories of how when all us kids would get rambunctious, the manager would stop the show, come out and threaten all of us. He would always retreat as the flattened popcorn box would soar by his head. Nothing too criminal. Boxes of Good and Plenty shaken to sound like a train during the ads for the refreshment counter and getting our candy from a nearby store in Bixby Knolls so we could afford the ticket price. I love the old theaters. We have the oldest surviving movie theater up in Humboldt County at Arcata – Minor Theater.\