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DonLKirk commented about Rio Theatre on Jun 16, 2006 at 6:17 pm

Last November (2005), (the RIO’s Owner) Mike told me that he wanted to sell the theater this year (2006). I’m President of the American Theatre Development Corporation; and our Executive V-P and International radio talk-show-host Richard Beattie, will soon contact Mike to see if we can work-out a purchase of the RIO.

Mike has added a small events stage in front of the screen; but there’s room behind, to add a full stage onto the back of the building; which we will do, if we end up owning it.

Don Kirk

DonLKirk commented about California Theatre on Jun 16, 2006 at 6:08 pm

To Clarify. Mr. Naify does not now own the CA Theatre. He was great to us; helping us reopen it and he donated the two original backdrops, from when the theater first opened in the 1920’s.

DonLKirk commented about California Theatre on Jun 16, 2006 at 5:52 pm

The California is again closed. Apparantly a number of local citizens do not like the building’s owner; and they told us that unless we bought the place from him, they would not attend. While I never heard or saw the ghosts, several are rumored to live there. I’m President of the American Theatre Development Corporation; and we will soon see if we can purchase the CA. BTW… It’s 3 stories; and my office was 3 flights up in the old Mason’s office; with no elevator to help me get there. We’d like help getting ownership of it. funds/volunteers, etc. It’s partly refurbished; and we would like to restore it (and add an elevator) Don L. Kirk

DonLKirk commented about Anaheim Theatre on Jul 29, 2005 at 11:39 pm

The Fairyland and the Fox were both demolished in 1973, when the city razed over ¾ of the old downtown for a fancy new mall; which turned out to a plain strip shopping center I was in the jewelry store many times; and when it was demolished, I went inside the theater part; and took out a chandalier; and donated (left it at the back door) of the city museum. The Anaheim Bulletin reported at that time, that the fancy trim around the inside of the theater, which was thought to be metal or something fancy turned out to be plaster. I do can tell you that instead of a sloped floor in the theater, it was stepped; which I had not seen previously, nor have I seen since. My high school ring and band pendant both came from the jewelry store in the lobby. I knew of the KKK meetings from my grandparents. I guess way back when, my grandfather went to one of the meetings, though he was not a member; nor was he ever. If I remember right, the stage had a cement floor. It was on the South side of the street; with it’s entrance facing North. The information above says 800 seats; but, I thought it looked awful small for 800 seats. It was not that wide of a theater; nor was it deep.