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Fricanoj commented about Granada Theater on Jan 8, 2005 at 6:00 am

I was an usher at the Granada in 1968. the first movie I remember seeing there was “The Graduate”. I was there for about a year and rose to the rank of Head Usher. I remember the huge lobby and how it used to fill up before a show. We used to hold inspections an Saturday nights to makee sure all the ushers were looking there best. I’ve explored the theater from top to bottom. from the roof, to the “catacombs” as we used to call them under the seats in the auditorium, to the huge spiral staircase on the top level of the backstage area. The managers I worked under were Mr. Grossman who eventually went to the United Artists Theater Downtown and then Mr. Dave Klingman who wound up going to the Nortown. We did a lot of crazy things there including spending an overnight there, (we wern’t supposed to but we did anyway). I was also there as they were tearing it down and I also have a brick from the building. I think about those days constantly and remember them as some of the best times I had.
Joe Fricano