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georgew commented about Skokie Theatre on Jan 21, 2005 at 3:01 pm

Does anyone know why the theater closed? It really filled a niche and I for one will miss it.
If some movie lover were smart, they’d buy it and open it back up again. With Skokie’s diverse population, I bet money could be made showing a different ethnic film each night of the week. (For example Mandarin Monday, Tagalog Tuesday, then Hebrew, Hindustani, Russian, etc. with maybe a second run or art film on the weekend.) There would be no competition and a broad local market. It would likely even draw crowds from srrounding towns. I remember coming out of an early evening Hollywood movie there and seeing crowds lined up for that nights' Bollywood production.
Maybe even the city, the public library (which already rents videos and shows movies) or some other public interest group – or an association of groups – could take this on in the interests of diversity and quality of live in Skokie. The city of Chicago puts on movies in the parks during the summer. Skokie could be known for thier ongoing foriegn films festival and be recognized not only for it’s diversity of people, but for it’s cultural offerings as well.