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Gram commented about Grand Picture House on Oct 23, 2014 at 6:19 am

How bizarre, I arrive here via an unusual route. I have been researching the township of Horton for some time, and while paying a regular visit to the local studies & archives in Bradford, decided to thumb through several photo files- marked Little Horton. I came across one old photo with the description- ‘looking up Little Horton Lane towards Briggella Mills?’ While the road configuration looked promising, barely visible mill buildings in the distance are much larger than those known to be Briggella Mills- in its prime.

When zooming in on the film poster, the name of the Grand Picture House is clearly visible, while further investigation gave the film- The Ranger and the Law, starring Lester Cuneo, a release date of 1921. However, other films publicised- Payable on Demand, Gaiety Girl and Arizona Express, were all released in 1924, so I assume this photo was taken around 1924/25. If the Grand Picture House was positioned between Portland Street and Clifford Street, the building was located towards the bottom of Manchester Road, close to the city centre, and not as shown on the street view photo- which is much further up Manchester Road.

I have little interest or knowledge of cinemas and theatres, but like most people of a certain age, enjoyed looking at this site and its photos with a sense of nostalgia.