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ianalex73 commented about Fox Pavilion on Jan 11, 2005 at 2:39 pm

Hays, KS – This theatre has since been closed. The folks in Hays, KS reopened the FOX for a 25th Anniversary viewing of the movie “Paper Moon,” since it was filmed in that area of Kansas in the 70’s.

I remember the “cry-room” well! I saw many movies there and in the long-since torn-down Hays Drive-In â€" such as “Star Wars.”

The only place to see movies in Hays, KS outside of your home, is at The Mall Cinemas 8. This theater houses an addition of 6 Screens to the original 1970’s 2, with a poorly executed attempt at noisy wooden stadium seating and awkwardly placed high and small screens with rather dark projectors. The movies usually look better and clearer on my home television, which shouldn’t be the case!

Luckily, this seems to pass for the people of Hays and they continue the weekend movie-going ritual that is a much better option than beer-drinking.

Since my escape from that small town nearly ten years ago, I’ve been introduced to the lumens of digital projectors and the GIANT screens of 24-plex suburban theaters, run by major corporations and I must admit, I’ve been spoiled quite a bit!

Strangely though, even with the splendor of the new projectors and larger-than-life screens, I still enjoy many of my movie-going experiences at the 1930’s Mayan Theatre just down the street from my home in Denver, CO. It’s an excellent example of what I’ve always felt a theatre should be! Architecture and Film are a truly worthy experience.

Sure, our megaplex theaters are here to baby-sit the growing number of teenagers in suburbia and offer alternatives to the club scene, but they lack the grandeur and style of the original ornate movie house!

I’d like to see a combination of the two one day, where architectural style can meet excellent projectors and comfortable seats!

Here’s to bringing back the FOX Theatre in Hays, KS, possibly as an Indi Film Theatre for the many F.H.S.U. students who have to drive to Lawrence for such experiences â€" or wait for DVD!

Good luck in your future!