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iluvjoe1 commented about Plaza Theatre on Sep 20, 2004 at 6:29 pm

Thank you for all the responses. I am glad to see other people have an interest in “The Plaza Theatre” as well. I will post the pictures I took. Most of the pictures are poor quality, but I do have a couple of nice ones, really interesting. One picture is creepy, you can see what appears to be some type of rodent very close to my feet, of course at the time I had no idea it was there. I also did some research, “Sixteen Candles” and “Amadeus” did come out in 1984 in the theatres. Also, I looked up the Hot Wheels car I found. The “Mighty Maverick” in metallic pink with redline tires was produced by Mattel and sold in stores between 1970-1971. Actually, it seems that the “mighty Maverick” especially in pink and in mint condition is worth up to 300.00 plus dollars by collectors. If anyone knows any more infomation on this toy car let me know, it has sparked an interest. I hope to have my pictures online soon, I will let everyone know here when I do so. Also, if anyone has any more information on “The Plaza Theatre” please let me know. Thank you, Joey

iluvjoe1 commented about Plaza Theatre on Sep 19, 2004 at 7:38 pm

Finally got a chance to go inside and check out “The Plaza Theatre” for myself. Be very careful if you venture inside, this place is very moldy, dark and smelly. My brother and I went inside last week, I will see about getting some photos posted on this site. We did get the opportunity to find some real cool things inside the old thertre. First, there are a couple of reels of film, the writing is very hard to make out, but the films are not movies, but labeled “demo previews” possably some type of advertisments or movie trailers. This was very cool, I came across an old hot wheels car labled on the bottom as “mighty maverick” in a shiney hot pink color, really nice shape too. Also, ther are some old movie posters there in the back office, really cool for a movie collector. There was a poster for “sixteen candles,"Amadaus” and a few others scattered about. Too bad that this place is a complete disaster, time really took its toll here. Anyhow, be careful if you venture in there, it was actually hard to breath properly, even wearing a mask, so if you have asthma or alergies, entering here would be a real bad idea.

iluvjoe1 commented about Plaza Theatre on Aug 9, 2004 at 8:32 pm

Wow, The Plaze Theater in East Patchogue. I remember watching “Grease” three times in a row there when I was 9yrs old. I also remember going there and seeing “Sudden Impact” with an old girlfriend and making out the whole time in the balcony. Of course I could never forget watching “Nightmare on Elm Street” in the early eighties there as well. Currently I live in Florida, but every year my family and I visit Long Island, and we also make sure we ride past “The Plaza Theater”. Each time I ride past the old theater I get chills, happy memories of a time in my life that will always be special.