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ItsJessMe commented about Excelsior Dock Cinema on Oct 30, 2004 at 10:30 am

This is an excellent movie house, and the upstairs screen has a great “stage” appearance between the audiance and the screen, with an old wooden barrel and an old heavy rope for decorations. They don’t, however detract attention from the movie you’re watching. The upstairs screen does have a short supply of seating however, but is in “stadium” style seating.

The main downstairs screen has (or had until recently?) a heavy red curtain which was down, before the movie begins, and is raised at the start of the opening previews. Great old style!

The new screen, off to the left, downstairs, is your basic movie screen theater. It doesn’t have stadium seating, but like the main downstairs screen, it offers a decent slope in the placement of the chairs.

I grew up watching movies in this theather, and have enjoyed the fact that the cost for viewing movies here is a LOT less than most movie theaters around the twin cities.

As a child, I recall going to movies at the Dock Theater (then called “The Dock 1 & 2”) Back then, they had movies that had been out for some time, but they only charged $1.50 when every other movie theater in the area was charging $4.50. Even now, their New Releases are much cheaper than the $8.50 you will be charged for new releases at other theaters.

Go and enjoy!