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JanetBien commented about Crest Theatre on Feb 24, 2008 at 11:34 am

My mom, Janet Bien Culver, used to work at the Crest theater from 1952-1954 when she was in college at Towson. She was a cashier and also worked the candy counter. She remembers when the owner/manager said they were going to have to raise their movie ticket prices to 50 cents. They thought that would be the downfall of the theater. It wasn’t. People would line up around the block for the most popular movies, which usually were the Martin & Lewis movies.

It’s a shame that the lobby of the theater was turned into a pawn shop. Some cities and towns are trying to refurbish their old theaters and bringing them back to life. We just went to an old theatre to see a stage show here in Waco, Texas (The Hippodrome) and they are still in the process of fixing it up to it’s original condition. They have many supporters who donate their time and money to help with the refurbishing. They put on stage shows like Evita and vaudville-type acts and show old movies to help with the cost. It brings back lots of memories and shows young people how the theaters were in their “heyday”. I hope that other cities/towns think about bringing history back.