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Jeffro369 commented about Trolley Corners on Sep 18, 2004 at 7:24 am

My wife and I saw a few films in the main room over the years (the last one was ABOUT SCHMIDT). It had a huge sprawling quality to it with a big screen to match. I wouldn’t watch a good Horror movie in that big room by myself. All that dark space and the Haunted rumors would creep me out. It’s sad to see the last big screen around here go. The other two smaller theaters were really going down the drain though and nothing special for sure. The last film I endured in the smaller theaters was FINDING NEMO, and the soft focused, underlit image didn’t help the worst animated movie I’ve ever encountered on the celluloid screen.

Jeffro369 commented about Trolley North on Sep 18, 2004 at 5:18 am

I remember seeing some great films there in the 80s (including A CHRISTMAS STORY) and it was as good a theater as you could expect for the style and era. I saw CASINO there in the 90s and it was still good, but after bankruptcy it was really downhill with equipment problems (scratched prints and bad sound) and a next to worthless staff. It had it’s day, but nothing near the CENTRE or VILLA in SLC.