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Ing. Juraj Misun, PhD.
Ing. Juraj Misun, PhD. commented about CineMAX Nitra on Jan 5, 2014 at 4:30 am

2014 CineMAX Nitra Theater update

Without announcing any technical details, the CineMAX chain replaced the 3D system in its Nitra site on 5th December 2013. According to the report, which was published at, besides the system ticket prices also changed. A 3D-standard ticket price declined from 7.30 euros to the current 6.80 euros (about $ 9.20). The visitor, however, will need to purchase passive 3D glasses for 1 euro (about $ 1.35 in December 2013). 3D-projection technology thus changed from active to passive. It seems like CineMAX plans to change 3D systems step by step in all its sites across Slovak Republic.

According to the operations manager of the theater, CineMAX installed a MasterImage MI-WAVE3D 3D-system, which uses an automated liquid crystal polarization modulator. This change can make a big transition from active to passive 3D-system, when in Slovakia now Dolby 3D and XpanD are dominating. They both use active glasses. The Korean company MasterImage now controls the most lucrative market of the capital city Bratislava, when cooperating with the Cinema City chain in its sites AuPark, Eurovea and Polus City Center.

Other news on the theater include that a competitive cinema in the shopping center Mlyny will open within the next two years. It should have five screens and will be a part of the mall extension. Initially a ten-store office tower had to be built there. The opening of a competitive theater will be a difficult challenge for CineMAX Nitra, whereas in the Mlyny shopping center anchor tenants (like Hennes & Mauritz, Marks & Spencer, Lindex or Mango) are concentrated and therefore it is popular among buyers. According to the current stores map of the shopping center MAX Nitra, it lost more tenants and some others (like children playgrounds, bowling alleys and the movie theater) pay little or no rent.

Aforementioned shopping center City Park is still not built and its chances to be completed are declining. Also Ster Century Cinema wasn’t neither opened, nor did the shopping center Onyx2 start its development.

Ing. Juraj Misun, PhD.
Ing. Juraj Misun, PhD. commented about Cinema City Velky Spalicek on Mar 16, 2013 at 8:43 am

Photos from the International Film Festival Cinema Mundi, many from the foyer of Cinema City Velky Spalicek, can be found at the following Facebook website:

Some photographs of the often criticized exterior of the mall are on the official website:

Ing. Juraj Misun, PhD.
Ing. Juraj Misun, PhD. commented about Mini Multikino Modrany on Feb 26, 2013 at 2:31 am

Some pictures of the small auditoriums, which were called Blue, Green, Red and Yellow, can be found on the following site: Exterior pictures of the building of Mini Multikino Modrany are available on the official website of the building ( On the first two photos the logo of the theater on the roof is still visible.

Ing. Juraj Misun, PhD.
Ing. Juraj Misun, PhD. commented about Premiere Cinemas Park Hostivar on Feb 11, 2013 at 2:54 am

No it isn’t associated. The company is called Central European Cinemas ( and it uses the brand Premiere Cinemas in Central Europe (

I guess the Texas chain did register the brand only in the USA.

Ing. Juraj Misun, PhD.
Ing. Juraj Misun, PhD. commented about Cinema City changes big way on Mar 27, 2011 at 12:50 pm

Answer: Currently there are 299 digital of 863 screens (35 per cent). I guess the acquisition will slow the digitalization process a little bit. My estimation is the end of 2014, but it will depend on many factors. The purchasing power of the Eastern Europeans is one of the them.