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jmx53 commented about Alhambra Place on May 29, 2006 at 9:30 am

I worked at this theater around 1988-1990. A fun first job, most of the staff were high school students from AHS and SGHS. Was one of the busiest in the Edwards circuit at the time, great location with shopping and a Black Angus right across the street. Movies that had poor attendance at the Monterey Mall 3plex or the Temple City 4plex usually did well if they got transferred to Alhambra Place.

Popcorn was the best tasting I’ve ever had (was popped in coconut oil & served with real butter). Lobby was a symmetrical and functional design in the NW corner of the rectangular building, box office and concessions were back to back. Staircases at each end of the lobby led up to video games, restrooms, & had windows for the public to see some of the projection equipment.

All 5 auditoriums featured Dolby surround sound and were nicely proportioned but not very decorative: simple red drapes covering the walls, red screen curtains that were raised vertically to the ceiling, recessed ceiling lights aimed at the sidewalls for intermission lighting and white tivoli lights for aisle lighting.

Auditorium #1 seated 500+, had a 50' wide screen, and had a simplex 35/70mm projector head (we never did show a 70mm print while I was there tho). Auditoriums #2-#5 had Century 35mm projector heads. #1, #2, #5 had motorized masking for showing flat or cinemascope prints. All 5 projection systems had Christie lamphouses, automation, & platter systems.