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JohnCM commented about The Space at Westbury on Dec 13, 2004 at 12:19 am

I live in the downtown Westbury area and have to agree with the previous poster about Post avenue. It has certainly been going downhill. The grafitti is all over the theater building and they even tagged my building as well. Usually the grafitti says one thing, it’s a gang symbol and all over town. I never saw any movies there at The Westbury but it’s a shame that downtown theatres like these are neglected and then often torn down.
I agree that Nassau is looking like a 6th borough of New York City. I’ve lived in Nassau all my life (grew up in Levittown) and remember how much better it was. Roosevelt Field mall’s side roads are riddled with potholes and sometimes the gangs hang out there. The movie theater there is very rowdy I never go there, I usually go to Levittown’s Nassau multiplex.