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jwcx commented about Colony Theater on Dec 8, 2004 at 6:03 pm

Wow, does the Colony bring back memories. When an earler generation spoke of how going to the movies was something special and the theatres were designed to reflect that, I too can relate from my experiences as a kid at the Colony, since I’m just old enough to remember some of its hey-day. Being a kid, it was the fanciest place I had ever seen with the rennaissance architecture, and its broad balcony. It seemed huge as a kid, but most thing did at that age, but I actually grew up with the colony during the 50’s through the dollar movies in the late 60s and 70’s, thus I grew to understand its size and the uniqueness of its style. During this period I saw the decline from a fairly well maintained family theatre in the 50’s to its dingy condition in its later years. I hope somone can do something with the theater…. it would be a shame to see a sample of the past like this go.