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kaydee22 commented about Hollywood Theatre on Jan 11, 2011 at 6:50 pm

I worked as an “usherette” along with my girlfriends who went to high school at both Marycrest High School (now the Western States Orthopedic College) and US Grant High School, in 1966-1967. Quite the memories. Wearing a replica race car driver helmet while seating patrons to watch Steve McQueen in ‘Grand Prix’ for example. Balcony duty for more than 2 months while the Sound of Music ran for record crowds. Cleaning the popcorn machine, etc. etc. It was quite the instituation back in the 1960’s and should be preserved as what the theatres were at that time as well, not just when it was first built. Part of a true Americana, much like the Alberta Theater where we watched Ma & Pa Kettle on Saturdays for 25cents!